Freezer Dock Unloading

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National Loading Services (NLS) specializes in frozen freight unloading and handling for frozen food products. As a premier freight handling services company, we have the experience and expertise to unload, separate, and repackage frozen products safely from the incoming rail cars and trucks to your warehouse. Our trained professional staff, supported by on-site supervisors and 24-hour customer service center, will ensure that your freight is unloaded safely from the freezer dock and handled according to industry standards.

At NLS, we partner with you, offering freezer dock unloading and freight handling services to effectively manage your warehouse. We work with your warehouse team to ensure that your frozen products are handled correctly and safely throughout unloading and handling.

Our expert, on-site staff will handle:

  • Freight receiving, unloading, and tracking from temperature-controlled rail car or truck into your freezers
  • Inspection of freight as it is received, and processing of damaged or goods that do not meet specification for return and credit.
  • Breakdown and separation of freight and repackaging and palletizing it to meet your warehouse racking configuration
  • Staging of freight in the warehouse to allow your staff to efficiently rack it
  • Processing of invoices for freight received

NLS offers HEB's HaulPoint system, a custom freight staging and management system that identifies the most efficient staging locations in your warehouse, increasing your staff's productivity. Our staff is trained in the latest safety processes for food product handling and material handling equipment operation.

We are currently operating throughout Texas and are continuing to expand.

NLS is committed to providing each client with customized freight unloading and handling, partnering with them for efficient, productive freight handling operations. Call today to see how we can partner with you.

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